Our Services

Custom Carts

The best way to increase productivity is to optimize material flow. Carts can greatly reduce material handling time delivering materials direct to the production floor or…

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Paint Racks

Perfect finishes are a result of well-designed, custom racks. Tombstone manufactures racks for a wide range of applications including furniture, automotive, appliance, and…

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Whether you need a prototype, a one-off product or a large production run, Tombstone can handle your needs. We use computer aided design (CAD) capabilities to create…

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Tombstone offers wide range of welding services. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, and titanium are some of the metals and alloys we work with every day. Strength, hardness…

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About Tombstone

At Tombstone Welding and Fabrication our mission is to offer great products and world-class service. Our business model starts with listening. We visit your location, assess the operational requirements, study to your needs and work with you to create-value added solutions.

We’ve built an impressive client list — and strong relationships — by helping our customers be more effective on the production floor.

Tombstone understands “just-in-time” delivery requirements. Critical and time sensitive shipments are something we’re used to managing. We ensure you have what you need, when you need it. Our service area includes the Great Lakes region.